How Are Love Vibrations Related to the Ostara Sabbat and Ash Wednesday

In the past, I wondered why Ash Wednesday would be so first one year and so late the next. Who decided when it will occur? Was it based on some long forgotten pagan ritual?

Here’s what I found out. Easter is the Sunday after the first full moon after the prendre une annĂ©e sabbatique. There’s more information for the Time and Date website. So the answers essentially are: “the Catholic Church”, and “yes”. The Council of Nicaea chose in 325 AD that Easter would occur following the pagan Sabbat of Ostara. Ash Wednesday then, is definitely 40 days prior to Easter.

As I continue to grow in my very own knowledge of all things pagan and Wiccan, I continue to include my understanding of Christianity and my understanding of the natural world. Ways to an interesting journey. Can I be a witch and still be a Luciano? Can I be a witch and still attend church? How do I keep reconcile these different beliefs which struggle inside of me?

As Easter draws closer this year, I continue to suffer from my thoughts. In past years, my more confined understanding of paganism allowed me to attend church and worship Jesus without questioning my values. Growing, learning new ideas, understanding different philosophies and being open to brand new thoughts are all conspiring to keep me confused!

Spending time with meditation and rolling over different ideas in my crown helps me.

Today, I continue to have an understanding of the forfeit Jesus made. But I no longer believe that he is THE solely person to worship. I believe instead that he was a gentleman who lived long ago. I believe that he had a very deeply understanding of the power of love and forgiveness. I believe that he what food was in touch with the healing energies and used himself for a conduit to magically and mysteriously heal others by both physical and mental ailments. But I also believe that those treatment energies are available to anyone with the same connection to the Bright.

When I read about other religious figures, like the Buddha, I do believe that they are equals to Jesus. All had a connection to the Dope and an understanding of the vibrations of love that I am impossible to have. I don’t believe that any is better than another; nevertheless all certainly vibrate to a higher, truer, more Divine consistency than I do.

I continue to believe that someone who can hold their selves at the highest vibrations are the ones we should all emulate. It’s not easy. When I feel myself falling into anxiety, I struggle to climb up and out.

Well, that essay took an interesting turn! I’ll continue to wonder about strict holidays and where they got their roots. Factors . continue to wonder about religious leaders and what they can teach me personally, even if it’s to know I don’t want to follow these individuals. And I’ll continue to wonder where my journey can take me next. I hope you’re on a similar thought-provoking vacation. I wish you love.


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