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As we entered 2018 with fresh targets and an innovation-focused product roadmap, we are eager to be on the ideal path for its first quarter. Last Decemberwe rolled out our newest transcription service to place Gengo as a multi-service platform. This service leverages the abilities and capacities of the translator community and provides them with opportunities beyond translation.

We are originally offering transcription in Japanese and English, but intend to expand to more languages later on. We are prepared to participate translation services toronto to work on upcoming and ongoing projects!

translation services toronto

Why should I become a transcriptionist?

Transcriptionists listen to private discussions, lectures and discussions, interviews, hearings, and company meetings and write down what they hear out of sound or movie files.

If you are a newcomer, transcribing for Gengo is a fantastic chance to learn the principles and gain more training. You will work on various sorts of articles, from company records, entertainment and media articles, to legal and medical texts. It would also be a fantastic first step if you intend to venture to other freelance jobs, like subtitling and closed captions. Finding a new professional ability is a bonus if you would like to keep competitive in the current online offices. Ultimately, performing transcriptions is one other way to make additional money via Gengo.

How do I turn into a transcriptionist?

In Gengo, we plan to provide transcriptions which are clear, precise, and consistent with its origin. Should you translate into English, have excellent listening skills abilities, and are proficient at exploring language, then you can develop into a Gengo transcriptionist. It can help to be a speedy typist using a top notch headset, also.

To be eligible, you need to complete and pass Gengo’s English transcription evaluation. You may just take the test after. Please familiarize yourself with Gengo’s fundamental transcription guidelinesand expectations. In case you have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask our online community.



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