The History of Laser Tag

I recall when I was a kid. That was a long time before, but it was in Scotland and our favorite game was cowboys and Indians. We used to play in an area we called the woods. Then there was the big woods and the small woods and they have been wonderful natural beachfront common grounds where we could play undisturbed all day.

These areas were a children heaven with a great deal of large trees just begging to be climbed and lots of hiding places so that we can compete with all the other kids in our games of cowboys and Indians. The same as on TV, my favourite then was ‘The Lone Ranger”. Our firearms were a part of timber and our matches have been plenty of imagination and a lot of fun. I still have a tiny scar on my knee when I crawled on a piece of glass stalking some pesky indians. A tiny drawback for the noble task at hand.

Then when my kids came along there were real looking guns available, six firearms that fired caps and other guns that fired corks and rubber rings. You could get guns that fires very little darts and small balls and all kinds of combination’s. I suppose kids will continually be fascinated with guns. We purchased our 14 year old his original .22 rifle for his birthday and he had to take rabbits out of his bedroom window.

That has all changed now as firearms have been outlawed following the previous massacre. But that’s OK because someone invented the laser gun and parks opened up in which you can go and possess virtual wars using these toy firearms. Of course all the big boys have their skirmish games where they could enter a real war and blast each other with paint bombs.

However, at last they have made the toy laser label gun accessible for children at home. What a fantastic idea. Kids just love this new invention just as they always have loved firearms and gun games. These things today shoot lasers with audio and recoil and enroll hits and are extremely realistic and permit the children a great level of skill in their aiming and shooting. The toy laser tag systems now will let you incorporate a module so that you can plug into your TV and continue your laser fun. These systems are so great that there might be some significant competition out of Dad wanting to perform to. There’s always the choice to find additional firearms and enhance your army and continue playing.


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