The Importance of Communication in Our Community

“The cattle are as good as the pasture in which they graze”( Mali Proverb). The process of enlightenment is only restricted by the need for it. So to bring clarity to this dialog, the construct of what may be “normal” behavior patterns is fundamental to this discussion. Regular behavior in any particular community is expressed through interaction and conversation between all members residing in that category. Example, if the group is to communicate effectively, encode and decode messages, then a frequent agreed upon mechanism to perform this task has to be developed; language. Hence every form of growth and communal development probably traversed through this province. This undoubtedly propelled value added theories into the communal structure with solidly operational, malleably skillful, readily transferable, systemically codified, and intrinsically connected elements, which always contain a plethora of abnormal deviant action to help transform the masses in either direction; negative or positive.

Deviance and deviant behavior may and often has a negative impact on the community’s systemic rhythm. Peace and tranquility are always interrupted by community members that transgress without respect to suffering and pain that could possibly be a direct result of that transgression. Can these polarities, negative and positive deviant behavior, and negative and positive deviant effects exist on precisely the exact same plane? Is there augmentation relative to the polarities of these elements on this airplane? Is it sensible to presume that one polarity can exist without the other? Are these related questions?

Nonetheless, it’s however important to note that “one man’s deviant is another man’s guru.” I firmly think that deviation, a departure from the standard in the intense, is of great significance to a group’s or a society’s development, development, cultural understanding, socialization of its members, and structural content concerning imagination and thoughts. The majority of us perceive the world in concrete conditions, mostly in 2 dimensions, given our dependence to MySpace, ‘YouTube’, MTV, and American Idol; or three measurements, if one is tacitly fortunate. But, for me, understanding occasions, time, things and places, in the abstract is the greatest pursuit, and acquiring that gift would help to justify living. If one is to really understand history, warts and all, then one must be willing to complete, the evolutionary process as it pertains to human growth owes its directional navigation to deviant, malcontent, maladjusted mavericks. Get connect with Princeton connection – Carl Kruse

Irony number one: people that are given great deference to helping mold the basic precepts of The United States of American, were regarded as the dregs, scum, and criminals of society; the deviants.

Irony number two: Harriet Ross Tubman an enslaved adolescent, promoted deviance, when deliberately disassociating herself from the expected standard, escaped from enslavement, returned to liberate other people from bondage in the possibility of life and limb, thus helping to emancipate an entire nation; a deviant of the highest order.

Irony number-one: Shaka Zulu an outcast in southern Africa from the nineteenth century, due to illegitimate birth, became ruler of the Zulus nation consisting of a huge army. He was a genius battlefield tactician whose battle strategies became mythical and utilized with all field commanders for this day. Field Marshall Erwin Rommel used his plans to defeat the allied forces in France.


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