When Is It Too Late to Ask for a Customer Review?

Purchaser reviews can be a vital tool for attracting new customers, in addition to evaluating your performance to determine areas that might need improvement. Although at what point should you not ask customers for critiques? When has too much time passed to expect customers to effectively provide a review of your service? Whether you’re asking these phones fill out a private review or comment form, or wondering them to post online, it’s important to remember that you should try to do so with a reasonable timeframe.

For instance, it doesn’t make a whole lot of good sense to ask client reviews  a few years after you performed the effort. Sure it might help to post some reviews on your website from customers a few years back. It shows not only that an individual has been in business for a while, but that you continue to provide a active of success through the years. Potential customers like to see this kind of reliability in good service. But it isn’t reasonable to expect your prospects from years past to write a review for you.

Mention producing a review or filling out a review form after you complete often the service for the customer. If you see your customers for a almost ‘debriefing’ after every project, that is the perfect opportunity to ask them for just a review. You’ve just explained to them everything you did your kids, and you’re probably asking them to sign a pieces of paper or two. Throw in a review form that they can fill out right then and there, or mail back to you. If you are pushing for online purchaser reviews, mention posting one online or on your web site.

If you don’t want to ask for a review right after work is comprehensive for whatever reason, try not to wait too long. Your services may take a good deal of your life, but chances are they don’t consume much of your personal customers’ lives. Once the service is done, they likely just ignore it until they need the service again. Conduct a follow-up phone call the day or so after the work has been completed, but no greater than a week later.

Don’t be discouraged by a bad review in many places. If they become overwhelming, you have a problem. But think of the rare bad review as an opportunity to respond (most review expert services allow the company to respond) and demonstrate your enthusiasm to make things right.


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