Blogging for Search engine optimization: The Checklist Each and every Writer Needs

If you write a excellent blog post but nobody can locate it, does it really exist?

Writing quality articles that is optimized for search engines is both an art and a science. There is a formula to make certain you have the very best chance of ranking within Google’s search results.

Utilizing highly searched keywords remains crucial, but SEO has evolved much beyond this –and it continues to evolve with each Google algorithm update.

To rank on top of search engines, your articles also must offer value, be authoritative and stick out in the top search results.

This checklist provides helpful tips you and your staff should follow each time you compose a blog article.

Download a printable version of this checklist.

Optimizing Your Blog Post for SEO (And Beyond)



Does the site article have 1-2 designated main keywords?
Are you currently really using a keyword research tool such as SEMrush to detect search quantity and key word difficulty?
Do the key words have high related search quantity?
Does it have a meta description that comprises the principal keywords inside the initial 155 charactersalongside a call to action?
Does the site usage subheads (H2s) that comprise the key keyword phrase?
Are the principal keywords utilized within the initial 60 words of copy from the website?
Are the key words utilized Id requently but obviously throughout the rest of the blog article?
Did you use an instrument such as SEMrush’s writing helper to locate natural variants of the principal keyword?
Are there any natural variants of the keyword contained?
Does the site comprise at least two inner hyperlinks to your site?
Do some pictures comprise optimized alt text?

Writing Quality & Clarity

Do you have a powerful, interesting headline? (Tip: Use Coschedule’s totally free Headline Analyzer)
Does the article achieve its planned goal ? (ie., send on what is promised in the headline?)
Does it teach the reader?
Is it effortless to read? (Tip: Use the Hemingway App to tier readability)
Does it match with your manufacturer’s tone and fashion ? (Refer to new guidelines and formerly published articles )
Does it possess a powerful intro and conclusion?
Is it totally free of clunky sentence constructions or run-on paragraphs?
Is there unnecessary or redundant information that can be taken off?
Does it utilize active voice and prevent passive voice?
Is it totally free of typos and grammatically correct?


Does the article make any promises that seem improbable or unverified?
Are data and details credited to trusted sources (possibly your firm’s own research or a goal third party resource?)
Does it prevent using resources which can be considered competitions?
Although this checklist is a useful reference, it is no replacement for a comprehensive SEO strategy. Kuno Creative helps firms across many different businesses identify the best keywords to target and rank to get them utilizing on-page and off-page SEO best practices.



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