Convicted Driver Insurance

Finding a motoring conviction or non-motor related criminal conviction can be be extremely stressful. It can not only knock your confidence when you claim back on the road, it can also have a negative impact on your insurance package. In some cases insurers will charge higher than average premiums, or they will even decline to quote.

Help is at hand! One can find specialist insurance providers who offer competitive cover for most different types of convictions. They recognise that having a conviction does not really make a driver more likely to claim, and they will work hard to get you returning on the road at a reasonable rate.

How much your insurance large goes up depends largely on the type of conviction that you have. You’re considered a convicted driver when you have committed a car offense, ranging from the more severe such as drink, drug or perhaps dangerous driving, to minor offenses such as speeding. In england and wales most driving offenses carry penalty points. The more fees points you have on your license, the higher the risk you are a good insurer, therefore the higher the rate you will pay. For example , you’re more likely to pay a high premium if you have a drink driving dedication, in comparison to a solitary speeding offense that may only increase your expensive by a little.

With some of the more severe convictions insurers might be able to offer third party cover. Many specialist insurers are able to offer fully comprehensive, but this could be a costly option.

When evaluating Convicted Driver Insurance there are a few things you can do to help find the best bargain.

Go shopping – Get insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies, highlighting mainly on ones that specialise in cheap convicted driver insurance cover. Comparison sites may be convenient but not always the best option during this type of insurance. For the more serious convictions comparison site insurance quotes can be misleading and sometimes incorrect, so be sure to contact the exact insurer for a confirmed rate. By talking to an insurer or maybe broker directly, they will be able to ask more questions plus better understand your needs.

Disclose full details of your révélation – By law, under the rehabilitation act 1974, you must verse to insurers any convictions you have received within the history five years. Failure to do this could invalidate your protection plan. Once the five years is up, most driving convictions shall be considered ‘spent’ and should no longer affect the cost of your insurance cover.


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