Ditch Your Lawn Service to Save a Buck Or Two – Grand! Robotic Mowing Solutions

Let face it. In today’s times, saving money is priority. To save money, people switch to lower cost television and phone plans. We lower power usage, use less water and even replace previous appliances to save maybe a couple hundred dollars a year, but you may be wondering what can we do to really cut cost at home? Perhaps provide look outdoors.

Lets do some quick math. If you fork out a lawn mowing concord $40 per week for 5 calendar months out of the year, that’s $800 each year. In four a long time you’ve paid $3, 200 to your lawn service company. If you are lawn is medium sized, you would pay as much as $75 towards $125 a week. That’s costing you $7, 500 in just three years making it easy to see why considering a lawn service alternate choice might be a bright idea.

But who’s got enough time to push or ride a lawn mower every end of? Wouldn’t you rather spend the time doing other things? Absolutely where technology steps in. About eight years ago, robotic backyard mowers quietly eased their way into the household markets. Today, hundreds of thousands of lawns worldwide and here in the US think you are maintained by home robotic lawn mowers.

A robotic lawn mower may be one of the smartest investment purchases you can make to conserve money. This is especially so if you have a quarter acre lawn and also larger. Dollar for dollar, a robotic lawn mower will not only save you time, but will cost considerably less than a turf service or owning and maintaining riding lawn mower.

But with prices ranging from $1, 299 to $4, 150, robotic lawn mowers tend to scare some people away; which may be, until they do the math. If you add the cost you give a lawn service on a year-to-year basis, a automatic lawn mower can pay for itself with the first 2 to 3 years of ownership. Since some robotic lawn mowers is capable of having a life expectancy of 8 to 10 years, you’ll be on the green years before you can expect to repair a broken good old robotic lawn mower.


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