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Many experts have quite a few centuries, that some of God’s rules don’t seem enter in compliance with the laws of our government. If they don’t add up, and only a select few follow them, what’s the point inside having them in the Bible. Shouldn’t we edit the portions in the Bible that don’t make sense, some of them even separate acceptable laws created by our government. Should the laws as well as Bible be enforced and the laws of the government taken off.

I’ve always liked the one, Exodus 20: 13 People shall not murder. This seems like a pretty good law and I would think most people would agree that murdering or simply killing someone isn’t good for society. There are exclusions naturally , you’re allowed to murder someone in God’s name, or probably during a war between two religions or even two locations. Man has been justifying the killing of other gentlemen, women and children throughout history in the name of The almighty or anything else that would sound convincing to justify their whole actions.

Most of us can come to agreement on this law, excluding maybe, killing in God’s name and for any other factor to expand our race, beliefs and religious perspectives. You shall not murder is pretty straightforward. I don’t know issue applies to animals, fish, birds, insects, living plants and various organisms but for the most part, we can agree that it’s not very nice thing to kill another person, especially if it’s another person you care about.

If we go to the next chapter in Exodus, you will find a Bible verse that says, Exodus 21: 13 “Anyone who strikes a man and kills him would surely be put to death. 13 However , if he will never do it intentionally, but God lets it happen, he can to flee to a place I will designate. 14 But when a man schemes and kills another man deliberately, carry him away from my altar and put him to fatality.


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15 “Anyone who attacks his father or his or her mother must be put to death. ” Okay, now, what do we do with this Bible law.

It’s written throughout simple English and easy to understand, anyone who attacks the father or mother must be put to death. This might be one of those protocols that needs to be edited or removed from Christianity and Judaism. These days for the big question, let’s say that we agree, and the Holy book definitely needs to be edited, how can we get God to update the Bible, didn’t he write it. Or would man write the Bible and it was inspired by Lord.

If we chose to edit the Bible, would God have mad at us for changing his rules, or could he be happy to see the new updated Christian society will expand. The newly edited Bible could be created to answer questions that have been dividing Christians for years and creating more atheists. Some of the old Bible verses contradict themselves and with a different Bible, we could change or eliminate the difficult Bible vs . and create simple ones.

Just a thought, edit the Scriptures or face the extinction of Christianity. As much more info is made available, about the problems in religious text, everywhere, you will start to see a decline in religious followers. Assuming you have a book that contradicts itself as much as the Holy Bible, you would probably be better starting over and creating one other religion. Don’t be surprised if we see that within the next 25 years.


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