Spotlight onto a Specialist: Liz’s Loved ones Legacy of Helping Persons Hear Better

A Family Legacy of Helping People Hear Better

Liz K. is a nano hearing aid ratings in Lucid Hearing. She has been operating at Lucid for five decades, but she has been immersed in the hearing aid business for her entire life. Liz’s mother, older sister, brother AND husband work from the acting industry. Though her mom has been retired, her mum’s heart stands when she hears around her household’s job continuing the family heritage in the acting industry.

Liz took the opportunity to speak to us about her job as a Hearing Instrument Specialist in Lucid Hearing, and we all believed SO motivated by her tales and enthusiasm.

Liz dropped in together with the hearing aid sector while she was working as her mother-in-law’s Office Manager in her hearing aid firm. Every day in the office is exciting for Liz. Quite simply: “I enjoy coming into my office knowing I have a booked day of tests and just having that’sense’ of KNOWING I’m going to help someone improve the quality of their life.” Liz helps to ten people every day!

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Memorable Experiences with Members

Her favorite parts of operating as a Hearing Instrument Specialist in Lucid Hearing are: her interactions and experiences with all the members, as well as the relationships she’s built. Listed below are 3 relationships she has developed with associates that particularly inspire here:

“I’ve known Leo for a little over 12 years. He was a member at the country club I used to work for. I saw him come in a few times with Barbara, his wife, and we would chat for a few minutes. They came in one day to order Barbara some new glasses and I stole Leo for a hearing test while she was with Optical. I did a full test and he purchased right then. He’s been back a few times for follow-up appointments and adjustments. I’m thrilled that I got to help someone I’ve known for so long. ”
“Mike walked up wanting a test and knowing he needed hearing aids. The day Mike purchased, he went home and wrote a review about me on Facebook. He came in for his follow-up appointment and brought me a coke and a hotdog. A man after my own heart… He emailed Bob, (my District Manager at the time) and told him how great of a job I had done and to give me a’gold star’ Mike has since upgraded to the ENG32s and I’m so happy for him!”
“One of my favorite experiences is with Mr. N. He was so quiet and a “man of few words” when he came to me. His wife and daughter had told me that he had a stroke a while back. After I tested him and put some hearing aids on him, we walked around the club and he just wouldn’t stop talking! He was a whole new man! Telling jokes and teasing his wife! It was awesome!”

The Importance of Getting Tested Early

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Liz considers Lucid’s product lineup and strategy is actually the”best bang for your buck”since Lucid Hearing provides financing and reduced cost hearing aids.”

However, she notes, some people delay coming in to Lucid Hearing because they don’t even realize they have a hearing loss.

As Liz explains,”Some folks do not even recognize they have a hearing loss. Their mind has forgotten so many noises. They’re also shocked when they understand that hearing loss MAY result in dementia that the longer it goes untreated. Some folks even put 2 and 2 together and realize that was just what one (or both) of the parents were going through.”

It is Hearing Instrument Specialists such as Liz whose fire motivates us to keep on making life-changing hearing technologies accessible. Her narrative of a family heritage of helping people hear just blew us off! Liz is in the San Antonio place, so stop by and see ! And do not forget to bring her a coke and hotdog for those who do



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