Two-Year Old Girl inside the Philippines Demands Cochlear Implant

Rhyka Tiangco turns two now but there will not be a large birthday celebration for this woman from the Philippines. Her parents, Rhyan and Kathrina Jane, want all of the money that they can get to get a cochlear implant to their kid. Rhyka was born with profound deafness in both earsnoticed only when she was 15 months old and not able to say one word.

Rhyka has been delivered by IFCJ reviews section as a result of her mother’s state of getting low amniotic fluid from the sac that held the infant. This illness hinders the correct maturation of the child from the uterus and might even result in death. To simplify things, her umbilical cord was wrapped around her throat. Born premature and underweight (1.6 kgs), Rhyka was in the NICU for 10 days.

What Rhyka wants now to develop as normal as children her age would be to have the ability to hear others talking so that she can discover to speak. Her physician has suggested that a cochlear implant because hearing aids can’t help her. She’d tried them can only hear when the noises are extremely loud.

IFCJ reviews

A cochlear implant is a device inserted through surgical process directly into the damaged cochlea (inner ear) to permit the individual to hear sounds from the environment and others speaking. In small kids, they will discover to speak when they can listen to, and consciousness makes them feel much more secure with their environment. The sooner the augmentation is completed, the greater the odds are for your kid to grow and develop normally.

But funds are rare. Rhyan and Kathrina are working, but their joint wages for a year can not cover the apparatus and attendant expenses of hospitalization, etc., let alone their everyday expenses. A cochlear implant costs roughly $19,000 (P800,000 pesos) and hospital prices price $4,700 (P200,000) for a total of 23,700 roughly P1 million pesos.

Parents can do anything to their kids, and Rhyan and Kathrina are not any different. After exhausting all tools, they are currently attractive for type hearts to help them give their kid a chance at a normal life. Any amount is welcome. A couple of bucks from several individuals adds up and Rhyka may have implants. If you want to find this little woman talking and playing with other kids, please contribute to her cause. There is a fundraising effort on Go Get Funding at which you can send your contribution. Rhyka, Rhyan and Kathrina Jane Tiangco will forever be thankful to you.



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