Use This Simple Email Marketing Tool In 2018

Long ago I wrote emails for a very high-ticket item. Obtained a six-month leadership-development program.

How did I alter my thoughts from selling a single item to this portable face-to-face ten subject course? Less than you might think. I had initially five thoughts.

I had to explain how this program was various and better than all others on the market. So I explained the process participants perform to complete a meaningful-workplace project during the training.
I had so that you can overcome objections. So explained how this program delivers realistic results and not just hand participants a piece of paper.
I had to not overlook ‘people buy’ – ‘not businesses’ so I focussed at human emotional needs.
I had to remember there would be many option makers during the buying cycle so this was included in this is my emails.
I had to remember decisions on expensive purchases receive a long time so I had a series of emails and strategies manufactured to provide buyers with details to help them decide to buy.
So you bet, high-ticket items are indeed different.

But Sales is Revenues.

And the concept of my three-step sales cycle still gets results regardless of the item.

Create the Interest, Overcome Objections, Close Someone buy.

Plus with a high-ticket item you will have different decision griddles who have different emotional and motivational needs.

The higher the price the main harder it is to normally get a quick sale at least more steps are required.

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Here are a few thoughts to bear in mind.

Long reproduce almost every time beats short copy.
The more you the more chance you have of a sale.
Of course , you cannot lose interest your prospect into a sale so follow proven prescriptions.
Need help to get started in 2018?

Use this simple email marketing resource to help you decide what you wish to say in your emails. It may help you list your emails into a logical sequence.

This unique diagram serves two purposes:

It helps you build your claim without sending out mindless emails.
It allows you to hit varied emotions and trigger points of prospects.
If you have read this miles away I suppose you are saying to yourself, “Yeah it’s easy for one! ”

And you would be right as I have spent across ten years mastering my skills in email marketing.

But this won’t mean you can’t give it a go.

So here are a few more tips.

Can not ignore old prospects – especially if the item you marketed was expensive. Big chance they have not done all sorts of things yet and the opportunity is still there. Generally, old prospects care more about what you have to say rather than a brand new prospect.


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