Wedding Music: Before, During, and After

As soon as you think of wedding music, you automatically think of the wedding strut and other traditional types of wedding music accompaniments. Whilst a considerable majority of people still opt for the traditional wedding music recommendations, there is a new breed of weddings that is enjoying the power of favorite songs.

Traditional Wedding Music for the Ceremony

Wedding music is definitely absolute essential part of a wedding ceremony. Traditionally, music will be played before the bride arrives and whilst the gal walks down the aisle. This music depends frequently on the type of ceremony; with a traditional church based commemoration, the music is likely to be from an organ or keyboard.

With a newer style ceremony, brides often favor popular music that will holds some special memories for the wedding couple. Favorite music also allows guests to have something to listen to (or even sing along with) whilst they are waiting for the very ceremony.

Wedding Music – Enhancing Your Day

Wedding music should be an enhancement of your day and not simply something that really needs to be in the background. Consider your theme and try to select wedding music that should go along with this theme.

Go for shock tactics. Wedding songs can really help you to make certain parts of your day stand out. Use light-weight background music for the calmer times, with louder more jazzy wedding music for the times that you want to grab your guests’ attention.

Wedding Music – Ideas Out of the Ordinary

The latest direction in Wedding DJ Gastonia is to have live performances. Bandz playing in a wedding reception are not really a novel idea, having said that live music during the ceremony and during the meal is usually both new and innovative. If you select live wedding event music, then it is worth opting for something such as a harpist so that the volume is not distractingly loud.

During the wedding reception, it is very normal to see a traditional disco, but many brides are now excited to avoid the standard disco offerings and look for new and different delete word entertaining their wedding guests. Why not have a disco in which moves through the years of the couple’s relationship, from the song this was playing when they first met to the song that was trying to play the night before the wedding, this is a great way of maintaining interest in your wedding day music, throughout the evening.

Wedding music can also be participatory, just like line dancing or karaoke. However , make sure that your guests could appreciate your efforts, there is nothing worse than a karaoke with nobody taking part!


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