Your Network Is Your Net Worth: How you can Connect With Anyone

How can you go from being almost unknown to getting access to some of the largest athletes and actors on the planet? How can you expand your system to the stage where thought leaders and powerful characters come to you to talk about their stories?

Some folks would say it is all about networking and building connections. However, a significant question remains: How can you begin?

To discover, I achieved to Jordan Harbinger that you will understand from the Art of Charm podcast today has his very own, the Jordan Harbinger Show. Harbinger says he began his own podcast twelve years back before podcasting started taking off. And today, his voice has been heard countless times every month.

While Harbinger does not think podcasting is a excellent way to generate money, he believes it is a fantastic instrument for company and creating connections.

“I was having conversations that I thought were really interesting and other people thought were really interesting,” he informed me. “People would join these conversations all the time and I thought we should record these because we’re teaching the same verbal and nonverbal communication skills all the time.”

Evidently, podcasting is a good deal more effective than attempting to conserve these recorded conversations everywhere, so that is where Harbinger landed.

1 factor of Harbinger’s company that actually disturbs me is his ability to associate with a few big, big titles. Thus Far, a Number of his greatest name guests include folks like Tony Hawk, Shaquille O’Neal, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Laila Ali, Angela Duckworth, Adam Carolla, and Mike Rowe. If you listen you can hope to pick up hints such as how to become more charismatic about what, the way to be a super-connector, and how to revamp your own relationships using a newfound sense of confidence.

How to Connect People Without Scaring Them Away

Jordan Harbinger


However, how can you start building relationships if you don’t have any to get started? Harbinger says there is an artwork to building connections and linking with individuals without annoying them or worse, sounding like a complete douchebag.

Everything begins with making relations, certain, but there is more to the procedure than simply walking around people or phoning them and hoping they’ll chat. Here are some of Harbinger’s finest tips for connecting with people you do not understand but need to:

the jordan harbinger show

Tip #1: It’s all about social media and maintaining connections open.

Harbinger says his capacity to create and make relationships with individuals all boils down to media abilities. But, there’s some effort required here because media does not always occur naturally.

“I’m always introducing people to each other inside my network and I always ask each side permission first,” he states. By way of instance, he may know a accountant and also a cryptocurrency specialist who may benefit from meeting each other. If that’s the instance, he will reach out to both parties and join them with the expectation they can help out each other in some manner.

“I do that all day,” states Harbinger. “Every morning when I wake up, I open up my phone and I scroll all the way down to the bottom of my texts lists and I find the people that I haven’t talked to in months or even years and I send them a little message.”

Normally his message goes something like this:

“Hey, it’s been a long time. Jordan Harbinger here. You may or may not have my number in your phone still. I haven’t spoken with you in a long time, but I’m curious what you’re up to. What’s the latest with you? No rush on the response. Hope to hear from you soon.”

Conducting this clinic four or five times each day keeps everybody from his contact list quite refreshed and energetic, he says. Because of this, he’s able to reach out and ask or offer to join them with somebody else. Frequently, that contributes to people asking what they could do to him.

“I often say I’m looking for great personalities to interview on my show,” he states. “From there, I get connected to people like Tony Hawk, Stanley McChrystal, and Shaquille O’Neal.”

The bottom line: To construct your network, it is sensible to begin with the system you’ve got. By always reaching out, you are able to continue to keep these relationships strong and branch out much more.

Tip #2: Find a way to add value.

If you are angling to network with prospective mentors or productive thought leaders on your area, Harbinger says among the greatest things you can do is search for a means to add worth to this individual.

“I know that sounds vague and nebulous, but it doesn’t have to,” he states. “You have to figure out the types of things that person is interested in professionally and personally.”

From that point, you can join with them on a deeper level. You may send them articles which may pique their interests, and also you are able to connect them to individuals they do not know but if.

Everybody has something to supply, which means you need to determine what your value proposition is.

the jordan harbinger show

Tip #3: Dig the well before you are thirsty.

If it comes to manners you may come off as a douche, Harbinger says it is frustrating when folks reach out to influencers and thought leaders and instantly begin asking for something. Ideally, you would like to create relationships where everyone is benefitting, not ones in which you’re continuously asking for favors.

This is the location where you wish to”dig the well before you’re thirsty,” he states. To put it differently, take some opportunity to make real connections with people before you request assistance.

Celinne Da Costa recently echoed the exact same sentiment at a Forbes piece on media secrets.

“You’d be amazed how much more effective networking becomes when you take the time to show interest in someone’s life,” she explained.

“This is the same as putting a spare tire in the trunk of your car,” states Harbinger. If you set a spare in until you require it, you will be in great shape when you’ve got a flat tire. Should you wait to place a spare tire in your back till you already have a flat tire, you are too freaking late.

“If somebody came to you and needed help and you’d never talked with them in your life, you’d probably blow them off because you’re getting asked for things from people all the time,” he states. However if somebody you have spoke to for the previous 3 years without even requesting anything asked you to get a fast favor, there is a higher chance that you would say .

And, this contributes to Harbinger’s largest pet peeve — if folks reach him out and instantly act entitled.

“What I mean by this is people who follow up in rapid succession,” he states. “If you haven’t heard from me in a week or two, go ahead and follow up. But, if you wait just a day or two and then send a follow-up email with a grumpy face emoji, it’s not going to go over well.”

The bottom line: Warm individuals up and build connections with people until you want these relationships, rather than behave like anybody owes you something. Should you behave eligible, you’ll get written off as a”taker” and likely never hear from them .

Tip #4: Don’t get frustrated.

While Harbinger’s hints can help you associate with people that you do not know without being bothersome, he says it is inescapable things will not workout at least aspect of the moment. Your efforts will not always pay off, he states, but you need to try to not take it .

“I think most of the time you end up with people who just don’t reply,” stated Harbinger. They are overly busy or you might just be catching them in a terrible moment. But maybe they’re actively attempting to steer clear of new people so that they could unwind for once, and can you blame them?

At times you’ll miss and swing. You could always try again after — once some time has gone . And, who knows? Perhaps you’ll find out to somebody that you wish to fulfill annually from now and receive the answer you hoped for.

The purpose is, you need to keep striving and prevent letting failed connections hamper your plans. The same as anything else in your mind, you are not likely to succeed all of the time. However, the occasions you do triumph can make all of the difference.



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